About the Brand

Portrait of Zorsay founder Shahzad
Zorsay is a genderfluid joywear brand inspired by the South Asian diaspora and the house music community.


I'm Shahzad, founder and creative director of Zorsay. I grew up as a Pakistani-American Muslim in New York. The brand is informed by my 20 years of experience as a visual artist, largely in photojournalism. I've also had a career at tech and media companies like Spotify, Gimlet Media, and Logitech.


With Zorsay, I'm tackling questions around the meaning of diaspora, community, and joy. What happens when you transplant people and culture to a new soil? What do you keep, and what do you let go of? 


Working with tailors in Karachi, Pakistan, my team and I source rare South Asian fabrics and transform them into handmade small batch statement pieces. This involves looking at thousands of fabrics until we find the ones that click.


Zorsay is a play on words from the Hindi/Urdu phrase, "say it louder."

Photo by Amir Hanja.